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Belly Band Goodie Bags

Hi friends! I am so sorry that I have been M.I.A.. It has been really crazy in my house since last Wednesday. For the first time (and hopefully the last time!) EVERYONE in my house was sick at the same time. Not only were we sick, but we were stomach flu sick! No. Fun. At. All. I am happy to say that we are all feeling much better this week, but it’s taken me this long to catch up. It’s also the last week of school before the kids are on vacation for almost three weeks, so “busy” feels like a bit of an understatement.

Last night I went to my friends house and we endevoured to make class treats for the kids to pass to their friends on Friday when school lets out for vacation. I had this idea to make goodie bags with a few cookies in them. For some reason this idea seemed brilliant and my friend was eager to help me. I am so, so grateful that she agreed because when it came down to making the cookies I realized that we were going to need about 200 cookies! What was I thinking and why did she agree?!? LOL


We semi-cheated and used Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix. We found as we were baking that there were a few adjustments we had to make to get the cookies to “work”. First, we added one pack of vanilla to the mix and then found that we had to add roughly 3/4 cup of flour so that the dough would cut and bake properly. Last, each batch had to bake for about 10 minutes to get the perfect “cooked, but not brown” consistency. It took us 4 hours!! We had so much fun though. I absolutely love cookie decorating!


After letting the cookies cool it was time to package them. We needed a total of 50 goodie bags, so an assembly line was in order. I absolutely could not have done all of this in one night without the help that I had. I am so grateful to have friends who enjoy my type of ambition! LOL.


I love the way our little goodie bags turned out! Making treats for the kids’ friends is always so much fun. We had so much fun making cookies that I’m double excited for Christmas baking next week! 200 cookies is only a fraction of what happens when I make our Christmas cookies and treats the week of Christmas.

Do you have any traditions of baking or packaging special gifts for kids, friends or neighbors? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear about them!


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Price: $110.00


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