Cards · Get Well/Thinking of You

Sheltering Tree Card

As you guys know we’ve been a bit under the weather for the last few weeks and the kids have been home from school. Now that we’re settling back into our routines and reconnecting with the world I am sad that so many of our friends have also been under the weather. In fact, some are very ill. It seems the flu has been particularly bad in our area this year. I decided to take some time to make a few cards for those who are not feeling well.


Not what you were expecting form a stamp set called “Sheltering Tree” is it? I love using what would be the tree leaves as a background stamp. I’m not one to go “outside the box” very often so I’m pretty proud of myself for having come up with this. As much fun as it was I definitely need to add some legitimate “get well” stamps and setiments to my collection. Becasue I need more reasons to buy stamps and ink! LOL


List of Supplies used to create the project(s) shared today. Click on any item to shop now!


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