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Thoughtful Banners Card

Yesterday was “Bring Your Parent to School”day for my oldest Daughter. I had every intetion of being there all day, but unfortunately things did not work out that way. I was able to go for a small portion of her day, though; and that was fun! I think it was mostly fun becasue I was able to go to her theater class, which is a lot more fun than an actual “work” class. LOL.

The kids did a little performance in small groups and one of them in particular did an excellent job. This kid also happens to be one of the kids in my daughter’s immediate circle of friends, so I asked her if it would be ok to make him a little card acknowledging how well he did. I was really surprised when my daughter said, “YES!”. I didn’t want to wait too long and give her a chance to change her mind, so I put this together really quickly.


It’s a small 3″ x 3″ card, and I put it in a little cello bag with a few chocolates. It turned out super cute! I actally like it so much that I may use it to create a standard size for my Little A’s birhtday card. His birthday is tomorrow, so I better decide quickly!


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