2017 · Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin- February 2017

Confession: I am not overly thrilled  with this month’s Paper Pumpkin.


I think it’s cute. I like the idea of a “different” card. I am in love with the the paper design. It’s just that… Well, it’s not my thing! I don’t give out many gift cards, so it’s not a really practical design for me. It can be made up as an adorable party invitation, but… Enough with the excuses already! LOL I do like that Paper Pumpkin pushes me out of my element and has me create things I wouldn’t necessarily do on my own, so I went ahead and made one of each anyway.


The wonderful thing about Paper Pumpkin… Or, ONE of the wonderful things… Is that the prodcut is such a great way to sample Stampin’ Up! quality and there’s enough in there that you are not completely committed to the one project. I had more than enough product to make some alternatives.


I love the candle card. It’s my favorite! Even after these alternatives I STILL have product left over. Not bad for the price. To learn more about Paper Pumpkin click HERE. Next month is Paper Pumkin’s 4th birthday! We don’t know what Stampin’ Up! has planned, but I’m sure it’ll be great.



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