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For those of you who know me, and if you’ve been hanging around my blog and follow me on social media, then you know that right now I’m in the season of my life that is filled with little ones. Most of my littles are just moving past the point of knowing “academic basics” (colors, shapes, letters, etc.), but since my youngest is currently two years old today’s project is one that I will be revisiting and reusing for a bit longer.

Before I share my project let me welcome you to Showcase Week blog post (and project) number two… Welcome! For those of you who may not know what Showcase Week is about… Every month, on the third Sunday of the month, I choose a particular product to showcase and promote for a whole week! Throughout Showcase Week I share four projects with you featuring and highlighting some of the versatility and possibilities each chosen product has to offer. At any time, you may place an order that includes the featured product and you will get BONUS PRODUCT from me!! (Don’t forget to use the provided hostess code for this order!) Follow me throughout the entire showcase, because there’s also some opportunities for you to win some BLOG GEMS along the way!


Number of Years Stamp Set

140653-> Clear Mount Stamp Set $27.00

IMG_4902 copy

Aren’t these fun? I love making flashcards for my little ones! We have a game that we play; the name changes on a regular basis, but here’s the idea…

All flashcards go in a bucket (basket, bowl, whatever) and each person (or player) takes a turn pulling out a flashcard and naming what is on it. If you answer correctly you get to keep your flashcard and we continue taking turns. Somewhere in the flashcards is a “special flashcard” (usually someone has drawn some type of animal on this card), when the “special flashcard” has been pulled out the player calls out what that card is (generally is “hungry alligator”, “poky lizard”, etc… Hence the animal drawing) and then all the cards get put back and mixed up to begin another round.

We’ve used flashcards and this game to learn all sorts of things. We’ve learned colors, shapes, letters, numbers… The possibilities are really endless!

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2 thoughts on “Number Flashcards

  1. These are great!!! My guys are past this stage but I have a niece who will be 2 in November and I think this would be a fantastic Christmas present for her. Thank you for sharing


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