Class Treats · Goodie Bags

‘HELLO’ Goodie Bags

The school year has officially begun!! I have been counting down for the first day of school for about two weeks now, and I was ridiculously excited to wake up and get the kids out the door and off to school yesterday. Despite my obvious excitement for school I waited until the last minute to get some goodie bags together for the kids. I made two sets (one for each of my elementary school-agers) for a total of 52 goodie bags.


I have to be completely honest and tell you that I lost my mommy mind while the kids were at school and cried myself a little puddle of tears. Seriously!! I missed them so much! I just wanted to pick them all up and bring them home. I did enjoy to first bit of the day and being left to my own devices; but it turns out I really like my kiddos and being in their company! LOL. They absolutely loved their first day of school though (with maybe one or two reservations), and seeing them happy and excited at the end of the day was worth waiting to pick them up just a little longer… I guess. LOL. Has anyone else ever struggled with missing their kids while they’re at school? Hopefully this isn’t a daily thing for me or it’s going to be a looong school year.


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